Blue Damen Pictures


Salesman: Tin Penavic
Boss:Chis Farrell
Wife/Princess:Linda Wyant
Husband/Pharaoh:Harold Dennis
Boy: Michael Gebien

A disillusioned mattress salesman is closing up shop one evening when a mysterious little boy appears in the shop and challenges him to find the right mattress for him, but there's a catch- the mattresses have all developed their own personalities and work to convince the salesman why they are the best mattress in the store.

Written By: Laura Lynn McDonald
Directed By: Gwydhar Bratton
Cinematography by: Charley Anderson
Costumes By: Kendra Bell
Jennifer Moy
Still Photos By: Danellyn
Producers Assistants: Cara Galvin
Scott Mayernick
Set Construction: Greg Jeszka
Boom Op: Michael Parsons


Man: Jerry Bloom
Security Guard:Guadalis Del Carmen

A gentleman is sitting in an art gallery that is exhibiting the work of the artist Gustaf Chauvin when he experiences the artwork coming alive on the walls around him.

Written By:Whitney Bratton
Directed By: Gwydhar Bratton
Cinematography by:Stephanie Dufford
Costumes By:Jan Kaschner
Edited By: Gwydhar Bratton
Still Photos By: Danellyn
Producers Assistants:Mike Parsons
Location Manager:Kevin Kent

Design and layout by Danellyn